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the problem with paleo

As you might remember I have now been doing the Paleo diet for about 4 weeks and whilst I have noticed a difference in my weight (being massively less bloated is the main change) I do have a few issues with it. Forgive me a rant? Just this once? I’ll give you a great recipe if you let me get through this one…

The problem with paleo as I see it is:

  1. Is something paleo or not? Who actually decides? For example the internet is divided on white potato. If the basis for the paleo diet is eating like primal humans, then surely the humble potato, thought to have been domesticated 8000 BCE is ok? Or is not allowed because of health reasons and it is because potatoes are chock full of starch which causes problems with blood sugar levels? Whatever it is I am confused and thinking of re-introducing a good old baked tattie into my diet occasionally, especially when I don’t need much energy (like at night)
  2. Creating replacements for things you aren’t allowed to eat. Cauliflower rice, spaghetti / noodles made with any vegetable that can be spiralized. Some of these things are fine as a way of eating your vegetables (apart from cauliflower rice, which is disgusting) but surely it’s better to get a clean break from old habits and find a new way of eating that doesn’t make you miss rice and pasta even more?
  3. The obsession with adding bacon to every paleo recipe. Bacon is cured by salt. Salt (or sodium) is not that good for you, we all know that. Yes you can buy the good type of bacon – cured with brown sugar and sea-salt – but even making choices doesn’t mean that throwing extra meat into everything you prepare is good for you. You could also replace this with liver which seems to be the next big craze.
  4. Using alternative flours. Coconut? Almond? Do you know how much these cost? They don’t even produce a good cake! The problem with paleo is that you can’t eat any form of flour apart from these, so even gluten free baking is out. This makes me very sad. Just like point 2 ive decided just to eat the things I can eat, not disgustingly soggy patties masquerading as cookies.
  5. Finding a good carbohydrate to balance your diet is hard. My view of a diet is one of balance, so the meat/fish/green vegetables needs to be balanced with some starchy carbohydrates (especially for B who lives a much more active life than me) and sweet potatoes get very boring after a while. The problem is that trying to find other varieties is hard, your local Asda does not stock cassava, taro root, or kohlrabi, for example which pop up as good things to eat on a lot of recipes.
  6. Recipes aren’t tried and tested. This means that they often go wrong, or end up in the bin. Cooking waste of time meals is not high up on my agenda. I end up sticking with recipes that just don’t use rice, pasta, bread… and honestly I haven’t been able to find that many of them and its getting kinda boring….

So what am I eating? Well, this is one of my ‘tried and tested’ paleo recipe successes:

Thai baked sea bass with sweet n sour salad & sweet potato wedges

You will need:

  • Sweet potatoes, I use one large potato each – Chop up the sweet potatoes and bake in the oven for 30 mins at 180 (or until the skins are getting crispy)

For the sweet and sour salad:

  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • salt
  • 2 tablespoons fish sauce (not strictly paleo but you can get clean versions which is just fermented fish and salt)
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • 1 tea spoon sugar (again use brown if you are strict paleo or even raw honey)

Chop up the cucumber into ribbons and salt. Set aside for 10 mins whilst you chop the rest of the ingredients. Mix the fish sauce, lime juice and sugar together and taste for flavouring, the quantities are up to you. Pile up the salad and add the dressing when everything is ready.

For the baked thai sea bass:

baked thai sea bass

  • a fillet of sea bass per person
  • 2 red chillies
  • ginger
  • lemongrass
  • garlic
  • fresh coriander
  • olive oil
  • tin foil

Oil up the foil, pop on the fish, add ginger, lemongrass, garlic & the chilli. Add the fresh coriander and seal up the foil like a bag. Pop in the oven for 10 mins near the end of the cooking time of the potatoes.

thai sea bass and sweet and sour salad

Serve and enjoy!

Mrs S x

I think that’s enough bad luck for a long time

I’m getting close to 800 posts on this little blog of mine. I’ve been writing an average of 13 posts a month, for 5 years. I have been a busy little bee haven’t I? This blog may not receive as many views (or comments) now as it did in the peak year of 2009, when I was going through the period of spilling my guts out whilst going through hell, but I appreciate those of you who pop by each day to keep up with my life. I may not personal blog as much as I used to, but then I am not going through so much hell, so I don’t need to.

Anyways, out of those 800 posts my most commented on post of all time was when I managed to smash a mirror to pieces and panicked about receiving 7 years of bad luck, which at that point in my life I really didn’t need.  I was lamenting:

“two houses, one ex husband, and one ex long term boyfriend, plus lots of ex-friends; I think that’s enough bad luck for a long time, don’t you?”


“if you think it will happen, then it will; if you think you are going to break up, then you will break up”

The post generated a great discussion about whether positive thinking really does work or not. An actual friend was commenting too, so much of the discussion ended up being about my personality, which I admit I did not take too well at the time. Foresight? Hindsight? A fantastic thing. I still very much believe the second point above, but I did not realise that I was doing the pushing away. I was causing the bad luck, the bad friendships; I was walking away from relationships. I was not happy with where or who I was.

My life is not about law of attraction: I don’t have friends for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I have friends because they like me and I like them and most importantly I like myself around them. I may have a wobble occasionally (usually these days because of twitter’s blue lines making me feel lonely as I watch people organise meet ups without me) but in general I am hugely more comfortable with myself and where my life is at than I have ever been.

Whether it has been because of marrying B, or finding my bro, or becoming closer to my sister, or my sister in law, or basically because I’ve got over myself, I am not actually sure when the change happened, but I’ve stopped chasing something that I don’t actually want. I might still get jealous of other people’s lives but I don’t want their life. Mine is pretty darn good….and I didn’t get 7 years of bad luck. Phew.

Mrs S x

Paris, France, London town. NYC, boring. Nothing thrills us.

I’m a walking cliché. I love Louboutins and I’ve wanted a Balenciaga as long as I can remember (although I don’t like Mulberry). I’ve jumped on the Peter Pan collar bandwagon (even though I said I hated them). My makeup and beauty comes via Glossybox and Birchbox (and I always peek at the previews). My house is full of mid-century modern and up cycled furniture (that still smells of grannies, just a little bit).

So where am I going with this?

Everything that has made me into this person has comes from the internet. I’m an internet cliché. I blame the internet whole heartedly into making me into this clone. Where did I first spot Louboutins? The internet. Where did Peter pan collars come from? So many bloggers. There wouldn’t be a company like Birchbox who send you Yardley samples without this monitor driven word of ours.

I don’t want to be like everyone else. I don’t want to desire expensive products and home wares and giving everything in my life (including myself) a fresh coat of paint because a blogger told me to or to eat at frankly over priced hipster joints when I much prefer an old man’s pub and half a bitter. A blow dry at the hairdressers is a pointless waste of time. I am going to constantly swing between one dress size to another as well, I love pizza (and the aforementioned beer).

(Although my Louboutins? MINE)


(However, if a sexy giveaway of a 5 star freebie came my way, well, of course I’d jump at the chance to go/host/brag about it. If the free stuff was good enough, well, you would too. Plus who says they should be reserved for acid tongued restaurant reviewers who only really review in the last paragraph. Actually I like that form of review, not the simpering cleavage leaden shots that some bloggers now give us. Bloggers who do get free stuff? Feel free to carry on but please give me something intellectual to read)

I guess what I am saying is that blogging has become boring… I like normal people. Realistic people with real up and down lives. I like to read about them. Have them influence me. Not some fake lifestyle on the internet.  I am bored of the same old same old. I am bored of everyone coveting and blogging the same curated Instagrammed and pinned to death life.

(even though I do it too)

When did we all stop spewing our guts out and replace it with a pretty misrepresentations of the weekend mostly spent in our pyjamas?  I’ve realised that away from the blogging world i’ve become a walking talking cliche. When did I allow the super blogger become the curator of my life? Well, I’m going back to being it. Pronto.

Mrs S x

You like potato and i like potahto (part 2)


Image from

June 2012 “I’m fat” whine whine whine whine.
May 2013 “I’m fat” whine whine whine whine.

(note I am a just a little overweight, I know this, so will you bear with me with and read the rest of the post? Ta)

Little has changed since last year’s return from holiday and the massive crash I had after viewing the horrific photos. But it seems have been whining about feeling crappy about myself for nearly a year now and I’ve still not done anything about it. Whilst feeling overweight is bitch, moaning about it and doing nothing about it is worse – it’s the lazy, coward’s way out.

However, 5 years in to my 30s (yes I am going to be 35 in 5 weeks) and I am harbouring thoughts that I should just decline in to my 30s middle aged spread (all my weight is on my stomach) without a whimper. “It’s natural. It’s normal. You should stop worrying”. That is what my brain is saying.

NO I AM A LAZY COWARD. That is what my brain should be saying. But it isn’t.

The last time I bother to do any form of exercise (apart from lifting a wine glass) was right before the wedding when I did 2 weeks of the 30 Day Shred. The motivation – I got the total fear that I would look fat on the photos. It didn’t really work; as even though my dress had to be taken in twice and I was told multiple times that I looked tiny I still felt I looked fat on the photos.

So really what my brain is saying is that “even if you did lots of exercise you still felt fat”.

So it is a body image issue? “Once you see fat, there is no going back”? Is it, unlike last year, where I felt my clothes were the issue it’s actually not? I can find perfectly tailored clothes and still feel like a sack of potatoes. Or is it just me being a lazy coward and not getting on the treadmill? Or do i just need to find an exercise I enjoy? I’m going on holiday soon and this needs sorting out.


Mrs S x